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Medium pressure massage.

Let yourself be pampered

and take a time for you.



60 min:  $499.

PACK 4 sessions:  $1,600.

80 min:  $650.

PACK 4 sessions:  $2,200.


Ideal for back pain and tension.


Draining the lymphatic system helping to stimulate circulation, eliminating retained fluids and toxins, improving the immune system.


Strong pressure massage.
Ideal to decontract and relax the muscles.


Soft to medium massage that helps activate circulation and calms the sensation of heavy legs, with reglexology we stimulated by points of pressure the reflected pointst of the whole body.

50 min:  $360.

60 min:  $470.

60 min:  $499.

PACK 4 sessions:  $1,600.

60 min:  $380.

20 min:  $170.

Relaxing Massage

Back, neck and arms:

Lymphatic Drainage:

Sport Massage:

Tired legs and reflexology:

Shitatsu Massage (Seat):

4 hands option: In all massages with extra cost of $300 for service.


In this massage hot obsidians are used to help to relax muscles and to level the energetic flow.

80 min:  $700.


This massage harmonizes your body, mind and spirit, using quartz, helping to balance your energy.

80 min:  $650.


Therapy that includes essential oils to improve the body and mood, achieving goods in general.

60 min:  $650.

Hot Stones Massage:

Holistic Massage:

Rain Drop Massage: