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It removes dead skin cells with a diamond tip and stimulates cell renewal, resulting in a clean skin with a uniform tone, with closed pores, diminishes fine lines and scars.



Deep cleaning, use of vanguard

equipment to revitalize, prevent flaccidity

and correct expression lines.

2 hrs :  $900 MXN

1 hr:  $649 MXN

PACK 4 sessions: $2,300 MXN


Wear a radiant skin with special face mask and equipment to hydrate your skin.

1 hr:  $599 MXN

Peeling technique with steam extraction, high frequency, an VIAL, gel, sunscreen, and a relaxing neck, shoulders and head massage.


(Products used according to skin type).

1 hr 30 min:  $650 MXN


Shampoo, exfoliating treatment

with steam extraction, high frequency, facial mask, gel and sunscreen.

1 hr 30 min:  $499 MXN


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Deep Cleaning:

Facial Moma:

Moisturizing Facial:

Luxury Facial:


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